Explainer Videos

Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in motion graphics and video editing, consistently delivering captivating and innovative content that exceeds client expectations.

My portfolio includes a diverse range of 2D motion design samples that also includes character design and animation for explainer videos. explainer video

Crewfare Backstage software explainer

Instabase Explainer

Premiere Pro Mogrts

Created over 200 automated motion toolkits for Premiere Pro users that empowers them to bring their creative vision to life.

Creating these files requires an eye for screen design and typography, a feel for animation and Javascript coding to create slider controls, color pickers, text inputs, and dropdown menus to give the end user ease of use and flexibility.

Data Responsive Motion Design Templates

Contracted by Adobe to create data-responsive motion graphics templates to showcase new (2020) spreadsheet input capabilities inside Premiere Pro.

The data from the .csv files drive infographics, colors, text and shapes over time, depending on the data. I utilized the beta Javascript expressions engine to create all of the animations.

Brand Videos

Not quite an explainer or a demo video, the storytelling hero video is a great way for start-up companies to showcase the problem and solution for their potential customers in a visually compelling way. These videos are great for giving life to complex ideas through visual metaphors. wanted their users to feel like artists with their API software. uses simplified color coded dots to represent the overwhelming massive amount of potentially harmful data that analysts can’t keep up with.

For these videos I was tasked with all the design and animation, illustration, editing, and use of Particular particle plugin for After Effects.

After Effects Templates

Motion graphics animation templates designed with the end user in mind, I’ve sold thousands of templates on various marketplaces including my own website since 2012.


Contracted with Adobe to create Adobe Video Gifs using the Premiere Pro logo and edit life related fun!

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