Marissa Joyner

Highly experienced in designing and animating with Adobe After Effects, from conceptualizing to storyboarding to animation and final delivery I am motivated by finding new ways to approach and solve problems, always seeking to deliver unique and impactful results.

I am a strategic designer who seamlessly blends graphics, animation, and code to build highly flexible and dynamic toolkits.



Explainer Videos

Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in motion graphics and video editing, consistently delivering captivating and innovative content that exceeds client expectations.

Premiere Pro Mogrts

Premiere Pro .mogrts are sort of like mini-apps where you can animate in After Effects and export a file that is used in Premiere Pro.

Data Responsive Motion Design Templates

Contracted by Adobe to create data-responsive motion graphics templates to showcase new (2020) spreadsheet input capabilities inside Premiere Pro.

Brand Videos

Not quite an explainer or a demo video, the storytelling hero video is a great way for start-up companies to showcase the problem and solution for their potential customers in a visually compelling way.

After Effects Templates

Motion graphics animation templates designed with the end user in mind, I’ve sold thousands of templates on various marketplaces including my own website since 2012.


Contracted with Adobe to create Adobe Video Gifs using the Premiere Pro logo and edit life related fun!

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